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NBA Second Half Predictions

Photo Courtesy of Keith Allison

By Glenn Borok

After an eventful All-Star break for the NBA, the teams now get back to the regular season where they hope to solidify their positions ahead of the playoffs. Here are five predictions for the second half of the NBA season.

1)      Kobe Bryant will be the MVP.

The Black Mamba is poised to strike this second half. After a hard foul in the All-Star game by Dwyane Wade that broke Kobe’s nose, his determination has allowed him to get back up, wear a mask, and start shooting again. It’s common knowledge that Kobe doesn’t like to pass the ball, but for this lacking Lakers team to win, he has to carry them on his back by scoring in loads. Currently averaging 28.5 points per a game and leading the league in scoring, he will continue to play through any pain to try and lead the Lakers to a deep playoff run.

2)      The Miami Heat will win the NBA title.

The Heat are stacked with talent from Lebron James to Dwayne Wade to Chris Bosh, and are looking to seal their first of many promised titles. So far the Heat have trounced their opposition and will look to continue on that path during the second half of the season. Quite simply, Miami will win the championship because no team can match their dominant “Big Three”. Lebron’s great attacking prowess combined with D-Wade’s killer instinct and Chris Bosh’s effectiveness as an utiliy will leave the Heat a class above every team.

3) The New York Knicks will once again disappoint

The Jeremy Lin fad will only last so long before the Knicks weaknesses are once again exposed. While it is crucial that a Mike D’Antoni high powered offense is run by a superb point guard, the emergence of Jeremy Lin can only take them so far. Superstars Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire are still struggling to adapt to the new Knicks style of play focused around Lin. Despite the recent good performances on defense, the Knicks, as is typical in D’Antoni teams, lack solid defensive play, and will be slaughtered by the NBA’s big guns on nights where a few of their marquee players struggle to click. Expect an early playoff exit for this team.

4) The San Antonio Spurs will surprise everyone and make a run to the NBA Finals

The Spurs may be old, but combine their limited minutes, great talent, and infusion of youth, and you get one of the best squads in the NBA. Full of experience, scoring, and defense, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker may make their last run at a ring this year in a weak Western Conference. The Spurs are clicking on all cylinders, currently sitting at second in the west while giving their veterans enough rest to allow them to be fresh by the postseason rolls around. If they can sign a few more depth players before the trade deadline, the Spurs will be a team no one will want to play in the playoffs.

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