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Netflix Show Reviews Part 2 | Isabella Hirst

About a month ago, I reviewed some of the shows I’d been watching on Netflix over the past few months. Since we’re still in quarantine, I’ve had plenty of time to watch some more. And with some of our favorite shows like The Office and Gossip Girl being taken off Netflix at the beginning of 2021, it can be hard to find some new shows to get into. Here are my thoughts on a few that I’ve seen!

Schitt’s Creek: 7/10

This show centers around an extremely wealthy and somewhat dysfunctional family who loses all their money and is forced to move to the poor town they bought as a joke, Schitt’s Creek. The show is definitely funny, and the characters are larger than life, making their interactions extremely enjoyable to watch. It is a heartfelt show that provides a nuanced commentary on things like class, sexuality, and personal values. My one complaint? It’s a pretty stagnant show. Up until the very end, the characters’ lives don’t change much. It’s a good show to watch in the background though since you don’t have to worry about missing things. Overall, I’d definitely recommend it.

The Good Place: 7/10

The Good Place is about four people who died on Earth, and, because they were good people, went to “The Good Place,” a place of eternal happiness where their wildest dreams can come true. The thing is, Eleanor Shellstrop knows she shouldn’t be there. And by dragging her friends into her lies, their perfect utopia feels more and more like, well, the bad place. Expect lots of twists and turns – you never know where the show will end up in the next episode. It’s a

thoughtful look at philosophy and the nuances of morality, along with the humor typical of a Michael Shur show (others include The Office and Parks and Recreation). The characters are impeccably written and acted, especially Kristen Bell as Eleanor, and overall this show is fantastic.

Derry Girls: 10/10

I absolutely love this show, and I don’t see many people talking about it. You may need to turn subtitles on since their Irish accents are very strong, but if you can get over that you’ve got one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. It’s about five friends living in Derry, Ireland, in the 90s, during “The Troubles,” a political/religious conflict centering around Catholic oppression and national identity. The conflict takes a backseat to an arguably much more tumultuous event: adolescence. The show begins when James, who’s English, moves to Derry and is forced to attend the girl’s school because of concerns for his safety. He joins his cousin Michelle and her three friends, and the five of them go through all the typical teenage experiences: school dances, coming out and meeting new people. This show masterfully intertwines comedic and lighthearted stories of adolescence with the serious conflict in the background, making it a thoroughly enjoyable (and in my opinion, timely) show.

Hollywood: 9/10

The acting, the story, the aesthetic, just…chef’s kiss. If you love 1940s Hollywood, this is definitely a show for you. It centers around a group of young people trying to make it in Hollywood as writers, directors, actors, etc. They all end up working together on the controversial picture “Meg,” the first film from a major production house with a black lead. The

acting is fantastic, and have I mentioned the aesthetic? It tackles social issues with modern nuance within the context of the 40s and is overall an amazing show.

Teenage Bounty Hunters: 1/10

I watched this show when I was at an absolute loss of what to watch. All I have to say is: DO NOT WATCH IT. It’s exactly what the title says, two teenage girls who become bounty hunters and catch criminals. It’s incredibly boring and cheesy, kind of like a bad Disney Channel Original Movie but a little more mature. The characters are poorly written, the acting is absolute trash, and the storyline does not make a single ounce of sense. I’m begging you, do not watch this show.

Criminal Minds: 7/10

The first time I watched this show, I was absolutely enthralled. It centers around a group of FBI agents who work for the Behavioral Analysis Unit, and spend each episode solving a case (usually a serial killer). The characters are notably realistic for a television show, and the process of catching a criminal through analyzing their behavior alone is absolutely fascinating. The pacing of the show is impeccable, and it’s borderline addictive. My only complaint is that it gets boring after a while – watching them do the same thing every episode.

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