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Next Steps After Committing to College | Amanda Benbow

Next Steps After Committing to College

by: Amanda Benbow

It’s finally May 1st. The immense stress that seniors have been feeling up to this point regarding college applications, waiting to hear back, and finally making the decision about where to go is finally fading away. Now the only worry seniors have is about which picture to post to announce where they’re going for the next four years. There are a few other things seniors should be considering, though, before getting caught up thinking about their impending college experience.

  1. Don’t give up on school

As terrible as it may sound, seniors have to keep trying in their classes. C’s get degrees, so as long as you get a passing grade you should be fine, just keep in mind that colleges can choose to rescind your admission should your grade point average fall too low. Just keep doing that busy work, finish that homework, and get the grades you need to pass and graduate high school.

  1. Look for a roommate

Everyone’s living situation may be different their freshman year at college, but the vast majority of people choose to room with at least one other person, and deciding who that person is can be very stressful. A good place for you to start looking for a roommate is the university’s Facebook page. On the Facebook page, all of the admitted students can talk amongst themselves and figure out who has compatible living arrangements. If you don’t have any luck there, however, it can’t hurt to have the university choose a random roommate for you. Just make sure you have your request and your housing application done by the deadline!

  1. Make that perfect Instagram post

Because how else would you announce the university you’re gonna be attending in the fall? You could go the classic route, where people put on their favorite sweatshirt, get balloons to match their school’s colors, and take a series of joyful pictures frolicking at the beach with a quirky caption explaining their school decision. Or you could post a picture of your friend on your Instagram story saying how proud you are of them and their decision. Either way, make sure you let all your followers know that you’re going to college.

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