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Political Stances | Emily Gao

Political Stances: Where Do You Stand? 

By Emily Gao

Politics in today’s day in age is nothing short of jungle. It is hard to distinguish what is truth from what is fact; it is hard to identify where you stand in terms of politics. The lines of identifying as a Democrat or a Republican have been so blurred that it seems that no one knows truly where their values and morals land them on the political spectrum. In efforts to combat this, here is a compilation of five key national issues and the Republican and Democratic stances on such. Read through each and find where you stand. 


Democrats believe the nation and its economy is at its best when all individuals are educated. They want to increase access to higher education, which they have done by increasing federal programs for financial aid. They have also decreased the role of big banks in student loans. They believe in federal protection of education.

Republicans believe that the federal government should have no role in Education, rather private institutions from communities should have a larger influence on education in America. They also believe that parents have a greater right over a child’s education than the federal government. In other words, the federal government should not stand in the way of what a parent wants for their kids. 


Democrats are extremely involved with curbing climate change. They want to ensure the quality of the nation’s natural resources and promote sustainable energy sources. Democrats believe that government restrictions and regulations are essential to achieving this. They also often value environmental sustainability over monetary gain and business profit.

Republicans believe that private businesses are essential in conservation. They believe radical environmentalists do not have the insight necessary to lead the country in conservation. They want environmental regulation to be left up to the states, similar to the structure of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. They are against the EPA’s regulations on carbon dioxide, as it was not included in the original intent of Congress’s Clean Air Act. 


Democrats believe that tax dollars should be spent to promote government organizations. They believe the government should subsidize certain services, such as schools and infrastructure, to keep up to the quality and safety of these services. To do this, democrats want to use tax dollars. Democrats also believe in tax cuts for the middle and lower classes. 

Republicans are against tax policies that promote a divide in socio-economic classes of America. They also believe that tax dollars should only be spent on what is absolutely necessary for the federal government, such as defense spending. They are also against high taxes on business, referring this to “putting lead shoes on your cross-country team.” They believe high corporate taxes lower a business’s global competitiveness. 


Democrats are focused on modernizing the military. They seek to cut unnecessary spending, making the national security system more efficient, and also desire to eliminate outdated security programs. They also have put much emphasis on international intelligence to prevent terrorism. 

Republicans value the military superiority of the United States greatly, following the model of “peace through strength.” Their vision includes a well-developed balance of different forces to address the various possible threats to the United States. They seek to attain the level of military might and power that the country had during the Reagan administration. 


Democrats are currently fighting to reform our nation’s immigration policies that have resulted in numerous families being torn apart. They believe in targeting criminals, not families, and are, in general, opposed to Trump’s immigration policies. They support Obama and his policies, such as DACA.

Republicans put the protection of American working families, both citizens and legal immigrants, at the forefront of their stance on immigration. They have a no-nonsense stance on illegal immigration, as they believe that illegal immigration puts the lives of legal residents at danger and is unfair to American taxpayers. They support wall-building along the US southern border to combat illegal immigration from our Southern neighbors. 

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