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Pre-Summer Slump | Melody Abouzari

Everyone knows that by the end of the year, motivation is out the roof, and procrastination is in. It can be especially challenging for upperclassmen to have the strength to trudge along with classes, AP/standardized tests, social life, and so much more. For many, you don’t always learn how to deal with this surge of fatigue, and contrary to popular belief, upperclassmen don’t always know what they’re doing either. so, I'm here to help YOU break down the “laziness” that often haunts students right on the cusp of summer break to ensure that you finish out the school year accomplished and strong.

  1. Find balance in routine. I know that for many, a routine can be difficult to find when you have such conflicting activities on top of an already loaded schedule. My advice is to find peace in the normalcy of tedious tasks and to make sure you’re keeping time for yourself to do the things that you love.

  2. Learn how to take mindful breaks. As I'm sure it is the same way for many, oftentimes one can find themselves taking a break after a long session of focus, only to extend that break for a longer period and never go back to work. Learning how to take mindful breaks increases productivity and allows for your brain to get the well-needed rest it deserves. one technique that I personally enjoy is the Pomodoro method, which uses 25 minutes work increments with 5-minute breaks that follow. If you are feeling successful and don’t want to take a sad break, you can continue working through it! I suggest finding a Pomodoro timer on Youtube and ensuring that it has a pretty annoying timer sound, that's usually what helps me to actually get back to working rather than staying in break mode!

  3. Plan, plan, and plan, just a little more! I know this seems like such a basic answer, to just plan ahead and work on assignments little by little, but it really does help! It ensures that you can meet your deadlines on time in a timely manner, and it also helps you to not feel overwhelmed or stressed. For example, if you know you’ll have two tests and a basketball game to attend in one week, gradually study the material leading up to the test days so that you will be able to attend the game with a clear, concise, and fun attitude! I suggest getting a planner to keep track of any deadlines and assignments, but also put your fun events into your calendar! These fun moments and plans can serve as their own sort of motivation to focus on tasks and to look ahead for the better and brighter things!

And there we have it. While these three tips may seem bland and self-explanatory, they really can help someone who is struggling to find the motivation to accomplish their schoolwork and duties. Remember, feeling bored and tired is normal. Just remember to look forward to summer and the sunshine-filled days to come! Happy (almost) summer ravens!

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