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Pushing Through The Month After Break | Sophia Larson

CCA is known to have a very fast-paced schedule, causing a seemingly more intense workload for students as opposed to other schools. However, I have always felt as if the workload and speed of classes pick up the month after winter break, as the semester winds to a close. As these are the last few weeks of first semester classes, both teachers and students alike are scrambling to finish the class (the students hopefully achieving a good grade). With finals arriving at the end of January, the first month of school in the new year is always stressful. As well as finals, a lot of seniors have to worry about submitting their college applications by their January or February deadlines.

While many people agree that the month after a break is the hardest, it may be because students have grown accustomed to having a few weeks off with no work. Jumping straight back into school is difficult, but is necessary to finish fall semester.

Although school may seem difficult for many people during the first month of the year, soon enough, first semester classes will be over and second semester classes will have started. Until then students will need to push themselves to do their best work to get through the last few weeks of the first semester, and getting through finals.

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