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Rather be in France

Instead of the cold desks and dreary windows of public high school...

It is the beginning of a new term for most of us, but for some, Friday 1/27 means freedom. There are a record number of students graduating early from CCA this year. It seems that we are ready to jump into the world with both feet – early graduates have plans to do a variety of things with their time, from applying for full-time internships, to traveling abroad.

CCA students interested in studying abroad usually take advantage of early graduation because it is the only way to fit in some international time before college without running up against the potential issue of not being re-lotteried into CCA upon their return. All that students have to do in order to graduate early (in January) is make sure to finish graduation credits by the end of the fall semester senior year, pay book fines, and finally have your teachers and counselor sign off for you to go… free… away from the nest…

Megan Brooks is one senior graduating a semester early this year, and she plans to spend her “free” semester in France. For someone who has studied French all through high school, immersing oneself is the next step in serious language study. “I think it will be really interesting and fun to explore France and French culture. I also hope to improve my French [language.]”

Brooks also shares her perspective on what she will miss back home: “I am sad that I am missing second semester senior year and all the class bonding that goes along with it. Leaving makes it difficult to foster relationships here this year, and that is a bummer. I am coming back for graduation, but I will still have to miss spending quality time with many people ever I might never see after high school… I will miss my kitty and my family too!”

Graduating early is a difficult trajectory to follow because it is so skewed from the status quo. Leaving behind all those friends and traditions is harder than one might imagine. It is clear, however, that Brooks is the right type of person to have chosen this path, as she insists: “I am confident that it will be a unique experience that will change my outlook on life.” Now some of us are thinking if only, if only I had had the foresight, the confidence… Snap out of it; we are too late. Back to school on Wednesday, speaking English all the way into June.

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