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Ravens start a Quidditch Team

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Antonio Bonanno

By Joelle Leib

Imagine flying through the air on a broomstick, carefully navigating yourself to avoid being knocked down by “bludgers” while simultaneously aiming to throw your “quaffle” into the goal post.  While this may seem like a fantasy from the internationally acclaimed Harry Potter series, some CCA students have turned this dream into a reality through the creation of their own Quidditch team.

Team captain and coach Emily Laliotis decided to start the team earlier this school  year,  and the team has already begun practicing and is looking forward to future games.  “ I learned about the International Quidditch Association two years ago and knew immediately that I had to start a team. When I began Dumbledore’s Army [the name of the CCA Harry Potter club] at the beginning of this year I knew it was the perfect opportunity to have a great time and celebrate the books that we so love.”

While “muggles” can’t float on a “Nimbus 3000” like Harry, they can play quidditch similarly to the wizards, minus the flying part.  According to Emily, “In muggle quidditch, we run around with brooms between our legs, trying to score in one of three goal hoops.  Chasers try to score the “quaffle” (a volleyball) through one of three goal hoops on either side of the pitch, beaters throw bludgers (dodge ball) at people, keepers guarding the goal, and seekers run after the “snitch” runner trying to catch the “snitch” (a tennis ball inside a sock sticking out of t

he snitch runners shorts).”  And just like the wizards, they must practice a lot to improve their skills, but in a fun way of course.  “We generally will do some drills and play hide and go seek tag or dodge ball on brooms. Sometimes, we have cookies!” said Emily.

If playing Quiddtich for CCA interests you, don’t worry, there is still time to join the team, as Emily is still seeking for more players to complete her team.  “To play a full match of Quidditch, you need 15 players, 7 on each team and one snitch runner. We are still in the early stages of developing our team, so our player count is inconstant at the moment. Anyone is welcome to join us, they can email me at”  But you may want to join soon, before the first match of Quidditch is played. “ As of right now, we do not have any games scheduled. There is a team in La Mesa and at UCSD that we will eventually play against,” said Emily.  Harry Potter fans rejoice!

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