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Red Ribbon Week

picture by Flickr user Randy Son of Robert

By Solenne Wachsman

The week of October 1st marked the first day of red ribbon week. Since grade school, red ribbon week has been a yearly occurrence, meant for us to take a step back and give recognition to the tragic effects of drugs and the importance of a drug free lifestyle. As is the custom, CCA was decked out with red balloons, ribbons, and signs touting statistics. These all aim to serve as a reminder of the millions of drug related deaths there are per year.

ASB put on different activities each day of the week. On Monday, they handed out wristband promoting red ribbon week at lunch. On Tuesday, students who signed drug free pledges received lollipops, and on Wednesday, Keith Hawkins came and gave a presentation. On Thursday M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) placed a totaled car in the quad for students to grasp the extent of the damage drinking and driving can lead to. On Friday, ASB challenged second period classes to wear red; the top three classes who had the most students wearing red won a red velvet cupcake party. In addition to hand outs, there were also games testing students’ trivia knowledge in relation to drugs.

In addition to the school-wide activities, CCA seniors were also sent a request in the mail for students to go and talk to elementary school students about remaining drug free through high school. With the opportunity to go to Carmel Valley Middle School, Sage Canyon, Ashley Falls, Torrey Hills, Sycamore Ridge, and Ocean Air, seniors can discuss their high school experiences and how drugs may or may not have affected them. By acting as role models to the younger grades throughout the district, parents and teachers hope that they can promote drug-free futures.

Though many students may seem to brush off red ribbon week as just another school week, it’s important to know that early efforts at drug prevention makes a difference. Initially beginning in honor of the death of DEA agent Enrique Camarena, this week is now one of the largest national drug prevention, intervention, awareness, and treatment weeks in America. Recognized each October, there is a national effort to raise awareness and curb drug use.

Regardless, most students will have some aspect of their lives affected by drugs, whether it be directly or indirectly. Red ribbon week is a week to promote good choices, however, it is up to us to choose to do so or not.

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