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Review of Hasan Minaj’s “Patriot Act” | Manit Bishnoi

Review of Hasan Minaj’s “Patriot Act”

by: Manit Bishnoi

Hasan Minhaj’s comedic political show, “Patriot Act” tackles a multitude of topics from the oil crisis to the rise of “hypebeast” brands such as Supreme. I personally don’t find the news or many current events interesting. However, through his show, I have taken an interest in these events. His comedic style is a big draw in and the way the show is staged in front of a live audience gives the viewer the vibe of a ted talk and I can assure that you will be dying of laughter every few minutes. Sometimes when watching you need to take a second and think, is it ok for him to make a joke of that. That is another big lure. Hasan is not afraid to crack a joke about anything. From joking about being a Pakistani spy trying to infiltrate India to making fun of countries attempts to control Rap music to control its people, Hasan does it all.

I find that this show is a great entry level platform to keep up with current events as along with being comical, the show provides great information and visuals. I learned how companies such as Amazon make the amount of money that they do to why people are willing to pay so much for clothing brands such as Supreme and Gucci. Along with current event knowledge, it is a great way to improve your general knowledge in general. Besides hosting this show now, Hasan was a long time comedian on “The Daily Show.” His most notable accomplishment is his speech at the white house correspondents dinner where he gained praise for his performance. With his weekly Netflix show, Hasan’s notability is growing at a much higher pace and he greatly appeals to the Indian audience with his heritage being an Indian Muslim, which is the butt of many of his jokes. Overall, this is a great show for people wanting to get into the world of politics with its comedic take on the world.

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