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Sherlock Holmes (PG-13)

“Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”  premiered on December 16, 2011, tells Arthur Conan Doyle’s story about the brilliant detective trying to take down the master mind Professor Moriarty. Compared to the last film, this one takes on the new thrilling side of Holmes, adding more action. Dr. Watson (Jude Law) continues in this sequel as Holmes’s trusted partner and best friend. However, he shifts from his back seat position as side-kick to emerge as a more valuable character. In the first film Watson was close to marriage; in this sequel he is on his way to enjoy his honey moon after the marriage to his beloved wife Mary Watson when Holmes very characteristically interrupts with gun shots and bomb blasts.

Holmes and Watson proceed to travel throughout the world searching for a long lost brother of their new trusted friend Madam Simza Heron (played by Noomi Rapace.) She continues with the detectives throughout the movie with her team of gypsies, helping where she can and fighting off anyone and everyone who got in their way. The movie proceeds with the group jumping from place to place in an effort to take down Professor Moriarty.

My personal favorite character is Doctor Watson, who provides the logical and reasonable side of things. When his new wife is pushed out of a moving train, when bomb blasts erupt and causes his train compartment to explode and when bullets are streaming past his face he still remains loyal to Holmes and does not abandon him; this is what makes him who he is.

Another strong character is Madam Simza Heron who was introduced in this movie as a daring gypsy who is in search of her brother. In my opinion she was the key to the movie, the main reason being because she  presented the detectives with their mission: finding her long lost brother. Throughout the movie she never shows fear, staying strong through all the battles and hardship, even when blasts are being fired and Holmes’s arm is gushing blood, she stays strong. The only time she shows any sign of emotion is when she discovers that her brother has been changed into a different man and now has the job the kill the ambassador; she embraces him with tears and begs him not to go through with it. In this moment I truly saw a side of her that made me as well as the audience feel her pain and realize the height of the moment. I think Noomi Rapace played the role of a troubled sister perfectly, expressing her emotions at the right time and with the perfect amount of passion.

This movie takes you through the pain of Holmes, the distraught of Madam Simza and the sadness of Watson. Only to end with a twist that plays  with your mind; as it turns out, the newly Mrs. Watson was giving serial numbers to the police in order to receive all of Professor Moriarty riches. Without any funding, the Professor’s plans to start a world war are ruined. When Holmes reveals this information to the Professor, he grows furious and Holmes is left to do the only thing he can do: take his life before his own if taken from him. From the different characters to the complications, this movie gives an amazing performance and the tale of Sherlock Holmes lives on.

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