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Short Film is Dedicated to the Volunteers of the Sundance Film Festival


By Kayla Jefferies

As any film festival volunteer knows, many long and unpaid hours go into setting up , promoting, answering questions, organizing, dropping things off, handing things out, directing, and taking down film festivals. The Sundance Film Festival is the farthest from an exception; Especially since in Park City, Utah, on a winter day, volunteering can consist of shoveling snow. On January 25th, “Volunteer Appreciation Day” ensued with a special short film for all their hardworking volunteers.

The short film “No Good Deed…”, directed by Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg, starts off with a character named Derek, who is standing outside of a theater in the cold snow. A couple Sundance volunteers pass by and offer him one of their distinguishable orange volunteer jacket to him, which he accepts. From there on, Derek is mistaken for a Sundance volunteer, which leads to many tedious situations. He must do many of the tasks that the volunteers do daily. They make sure to show the mundane tasks such as vacuuming.

It was a good laugh for the volunteers, who were rewarded their well-deserved 2 minutes of fame. It was a nice dedication to the volunteers in the most appropriate of ways- film. Of course after that, volunteers must now get ready for the closing weekend, with much anticipated films screening, and parties.


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