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Some Adivce on Picking Courses

By Rithika Verma

Credit: Normadic Lass

It’s that time of year again, and sadly it is not summer but the time to turn in that course selection for next year! With the schedule here at CCA, there are so many options and choices to fill in those eight classes, and sometimes it can be tough to know what classes to pick without a sense of what classes you are choosing to delve into. I am going to be a senior next year and here’s what in my opinion are the toughest of AP classes, and exciting electives to take:

AP BIOLOGY: A challenge to most, AP biology was a hard class to take, but if you are interested in a science field definitely rise up to the challenge! The content level is pretty difficult along with the long hours of memorization and homework, so keep in mind this class definitely takes up a lot of time after school. Always try to keep up with the reading, and if you have time read the chapter or section before the lectures because you can therefore ask questions you weren’t sure of or get something explained better. If you are up to the challenge it is really interesting class, and you ascertain a wide knowledge.

AP WORLD HISTORY: As a freshman, I was debating whether to take this class or not, and now I am glad that I did. For most of you freshman this will be your first AP class and it is going to be difficult, especially with the wide range of content that comes with the history of the whole world and the short amount of time that comes with the CCA schedule. WHAP (world history ap) was a lot of continuous reading that you had to understand so always try to keep up with the class and take notes…THEY DO HELP! Challenge yourself and take this class, and especially you history buffs, you learn about the past in a new perspective you may have not thought about.

AP CHEMISTRY: I took regular chemistry and felt up to the challenge and took Ap Chemistry following it. It’s a very conceptual and math orientated class and takes a lot of work to understand. Always ask the teacher for help they are there to help you and as well as try your best! Sign up for the class if you feel like you will like Chemistry and if it turns out you don’t then you can always drop!

CREATIVE WRITING: A quirky class to say the least, creative writing is for a wide range of people and if you are looking for a class to really connect with your peers and open yourself to new styles of writing, I would definitely recommend this class. This elective brings a sense of closeness with your peers and is one of those classes where you open up to others and can discuss almost anything. It’s about being free and letting go, so if you have a chance definitely take this class!

JOURNALISM: Interested in the world around us? How about the current news and around our own very school campus? Do you like writing? If you said yes to any one of those, definitely take this class, it’s an introductory class in which if you continue on to advanced journalism you could be apart of the class that publishes Pulse, the school’s magazine!

QUEST: As one of the very few high schools to have a great science program as this one, why not take the opportunity and sign up for quest and delve into science research and projects where you could take away much more then you could in a regular science classroom!

Before you graduate delve into different electives and try new classes. Looking back, I wish I had taken an art class especially since CCA offers so many different art classes. Take dance, take sciences, take art, take visual arts, take the electives you WANT to take, and maybe you want to try at it. It’s always better to try and figure out you really do not like or enjoy something, then to not try and not find out at all. Discover your secret talents, your passions and desires, take a class your surprised to take, don’t limit yourself!

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