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Spotify > Apple Music | Addie Picker

As society grows increasingly high-tech and digital, the number of music platforms available to users are at an ever-high, with now even Youtube and Amazon offering their services. However, despite the wide variety of music options available to listeners, Spotify and Apple Music are arguably the most prominent choices. This brings up the important question: Which is better? The answer is simple – Spotify.

Though Spotify and Apple Music seem to be about the same price for a membership, Spotify offers a free option for users not looking to spend the money on a premium subscription. Not only does this provide users who can not afford a subscription a means of listening to music, but it also gives users a chance to explore the app before committing to a membership.

The only downside of the free Spotify membership is ad accompaniment, however, this is still a huge positive for people looking to save money. No such feature exists through Apple Music, therefore listeners are required to purchase their subscription for any services at all. In addition, Spotify offers other discounted options, such as a Premium Duo Plan. This provides music services at a discounted price for any two people who share an address. Spotify also provides Students with other opportunities, such as access to Showtime and Hulu through their subscription. Therefore, for the similar price being paid for the two music platforms, Spotify comes with more features and advantages.

A huge feature that Spotify boasts (that Apple Music does not) is access to podcasts. Spotify provides users with a huge array of podcasts to listen to for no extra cost. This feature is built into the Spotify app, therefore all music and podcast needs can be found from the same source. It is slightly different with Apple Music, as podcasts are offered through a separate Apple Podcasts app. Comparing these two features does not make an obvious reason for choosing Spotify over Apple Music, however the convenience of podcasts being supported within the app allows users to keep their personalized listening library consolidated in the same place. This makes for more convenience, in addition to organization.

Spotify takes the throne as the best music streaming service partly due to their incredible personalized music feature. Though this is also offered through Apple Music, Spotify’s personalized user experience is arguably more extensive, as multiple playlists are provided to users based on their listening history. For example, Spotify provides playlists that send the user back in time to their previous listening preferences, group together current favorite songs, and personalized new music for discovery. Spotify allows users to not only develop their love of their current music, but discover many new artists, genres, and songs in an easy and convenient way.

Though both music platforms are exceptional options for convenient, easy, and relatively affordable music listening, Spotify stands as the better option. Both for pricing options, convenience, and overall user experience, Spotify offers more for the price, ultimately beating Apple Music. If you are looking to buy your first music subscription, Spotify is for you!

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