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Super Bowl LVI: What to Expect | Ethan Swidler

The Super Bowl has been one of the most viewed televised events in the United States since 1967. Since 2006, the lowest number of views that the Super Bowl has produced is 90.75 million. The Pro Bowl event will be taking place this coming Sunday, and the following Sunday is the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world, with companies paying millions of dollars just to have a 30-second advertisement in between kickoffs, touchdowns, quarters, etc. The halftime show this year is expected to be one of the best that we have ever seen, starring Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, and Dr. Dre.

This year's super bowl, Super Bowl LVI, could be the most viewed football game ever. The game will be taking place at SoFi Stadium, in Inglewood, CA. The two teams playing for the national championship are the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. The Bengals won their first playoff game in 31 years this year and are looking for their first-ever Super Bowl win. The Bengals are being led by second-year quarterback, Joe Burrow, and their star wide receiver Ja’marr Chase. Along with a breakout year from Tee Higgins, their number two wide receiver. The Rams have a star, veteran quarterback, Matthew Stafford. Formerly with the Detroit Lions, Stafford has been a key component to this outstanding season for the Rams. With the new addition to the team, Stafford, he has been welcomed by star wide receiver, Cooper Kupp. Kupp is the number one ranked wide receiver in the 2021-2022 season and has continued on a tear throughout the playoffs.

Despite the amazing year that both of these teams have had, not many people would have considered these two teams to be the ones competing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The past two weeks of NFL playoffs have had the most exhilarating moments I have ever seen. Each game in these two rounds has come down to the last second. With both the Rams and the Bengals upsetting the projected super bowl attendees this year, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this year's gameplay has been much different than years past. Time management has played a big factor in wins and losses. In many of the games these past few weeks, they have either come down to the last second, or gone into overtime. Two weeks ago the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs were going head-to-head in an elimination game. The game kept going back and forth, with one team taking the lead, then the other coming right back. In the last second of the game, the Chiefs kicker made a long field goal, sending them to overtime. The Chiefs won the coin toss, giving them first possession of the ball (over 90% of teams who win the overtime coin toss, win the game. This is because in overtime, the first team to score a touchdown wins, or if they kick a field goal and the other team doesn’t score, they win). The Chiefs then went on to win the game, and the Bills quarterback, Josh Allen, didn’t even get a chance to touch the ball again. That game came down to the flip of a coin. These games have all been very tight and every second played is vital.

This Super Bowl should be an extremely fun game to watch. The score predictions for the game have given the Rams a four-point advantage. This game could easily go either way, and should be an exciting matchup. Don’t miss out on it, Sunday, February 13 at 3:30 PM pacific time.

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