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Super Bowl Preview | Jordan Goldmann

Super Bowl Preview

by: Jordan Goldmann

Almost two weeks ago, the top four teams in the NFL faced off in the NFC and AFC Championship games with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. The New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs faced off for the AFC title in Arrowhead for an exciting game between two amazing offensive power teams, with the one and only Tom Brady and MVP candidate Patrick Mahomes. The NFC also packed a punch in an offensive game as Drew Brees tried to lead his Saints to another Super Bowl against Jared Goff, the third year quarterback, attempting to lead his team to their first Super Bowl since 2001. The AFC Championship Game was battled in arguably one of the hardest stadiums to play in from a players perspective. In 20 degree weather, the Patriots and the Chiefs game quickly became an offensive shootout as expected and after the first half, the Patriots showed what they can do by posting 14 points in the first half and allowing no points to the Chiefs. No matter what team the Patriots play, Tom Brady always finds a way to get a win. In the second half, Mahomes found a way to recover from a terrible first half and scored a touchdown entering the second half. Mahomes would score 24 points in the fourth quarter and give the Chiefs defense a chance to stop the Patriots. Unfortunately, Mahomes would fall to Tom Brady 37-31 as the Patriots win in overtime.

With a crazy game under our belt, the Rams and the Saints were next to decide the other half of the matchup for the Super Bowl. Two of the best offenses in the NFL would face off and decide the champion of the NFC. The Saints were coming off a big loss to the Vikings in last year’s divisional playoff game and wanted to take their amazing 2018 season to the Super Bowl. This would be tough because of the Rams impeccable offense and running game. Over the season, the Saints have showed fans what they are capable of and what they can accomplish. This NFC championship game was also a shootout that was expected. In the first half, the Saints grabbed the lead from the Rams at 13-10, but the second half would be different. The second half ended with no touchdowns scored and a very well played out game from both teams. Both teams would tie and go into overtime. In OT, there was a no call for pass interference by the referee that cost the Saints a win. The Rams would then drive down the field setup for a 57 yard field goal to then win the game.

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