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Super League | Ryan Bridges

Soccer has more history behind it than any other sport in the world. It is the most popular sport in the world. It is a timeless wonder that bonds so many countries together over centuries of play. However, one continent has risen above the others as the number one place to play football: Europe.

Each country in Europe has its own respective leagues such as the Premier League in England, La Liga in Spain, etc. If you finish inside the top four in one these leagues, you can go to the Champions League. The Champions League consists of all the best teams in Europe.

Of course, if Europe is the most attractive place to play in all of the world, it will generate massive amounts of revenue. A good portion of that revenue being from ticket sales.

Almost every major club in Europe has not let fans back in the stadium causing a massive revenue loss. This limits what players a club can sign.

For the past two years that idea of a European Super League had been floating around as nothing more than a few reports saying that it could happen. The idea of an European Super League would have all of the best clubs in Europe play in a league together. It would cause all the teams involved to separate from their domestic league and only play in the Super League.

This sparked outrage all over Europe’s countries. There were protests in front of many stadiums all across Europe. A separation from these leagues would mean a separation of a tradition that has lasted for centuries. A separation of these leagues would be a separation from the fans that built these great clubs into what they are now.

So, who could be behind all of this? There were no players or coaches that approved of this decision. There were even some anonymous board members from some of these clubs saying that they did not even like the idea of the Super League.

To tell the truth, it is the owners. The owners of these powerful clubs were tired of the loss of revenue they had from Covid. A European Super League to them would help them bounce back from the ticket loss. The league would attract a larger TV deal and would exceed all of the revenue.

Over the two days following the announcement of the league, the unanimous outrage from fans put so much pressure on the clubs involved in the Super League that every single team involved in the league backed out of it.

If this situation proves anything, it is that football was made for the fans. It was built by the poor and will not be stolen by the rich.

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