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Taming the Broncos

By Sahara Gonzalez

The undefeated Broncos have been defeated! Two weeks ago the Broncos played against the Colts and lost 33-39. This has been the Broncos first loss of the season. At halftime, the score was 26-14 Colts. Unfortunately, the colts have lost Reggie Wayne one of their best wide outs as he tore his ACL and is out for the rest of the season. The Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, threw the ball too low and Reggie went for it. Both of the players are on the Colts. “After the game, a big part of me felt like it was a loss in a sense because of what happened to Reggie, and my involvement in it,” Luck said. The broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, aka the former Colts quarterback, was feeling emotional before the game. The crowd was cheering for Peyton before the game, but it wasn’t the same when he came on the field. They zoomed into posters the crowd had made; one of them said there’s no luck… In manning, and another one had said luck is the new manning. Some people said broncos had lost because the stadium windows were open. Why do they say that you think? Well in the stats that Peyton Manning has shown he shows bigger differences when he’s in cold weather. Peyton used a special glove last year that kept his throwing hand warm. The time of possession was led by the Indianapolis Colts with the time of 31.47. Manning threw one interception. In total Denver had three turnovers but Indianapolis only had one. Denver could have tried to acquire a better blocker than Louse Vazquez to attempt to block Indianapolis’s future hall of famer Robert Mathis. However, it just seemed like a mismatch. What they also could have done is cover everyone on the field simultaneously. To wrap this all up, the Indianapolis colts had better stats than the Denver Broncos.

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