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Terror of Tryouts

by Avery Naughton

Tryouts.The word itself appears to be harmless and forgiving, but in the actual worldof sports, it’s not. Going out for a team not only takes courage, but a generalknowledge of whatever sport you may want to play. For Canyon Crest athletes,this week of tryouts has determined their futures for the next three months.Although Canyon Crest Academy is a school mainly focused and derived from thearts; it’s no surprise that the athletics are also increasing in members aswell as skills.

Inthe spring; Canyon Crest offers a total of nine spring sports: tennis,softball, boys lacrosse, girls lacrosse, track and field, boys volleyball,baseball, golf, and swimming. Although not all of these sports have necessarytryouts, all require dedication from their athletes.

Duringthe week of tryouts, nerves run especially high due to the fact that you may becut or make a lower team than you had hoped for. Even though certain teamscarry more or less than others, there’s always the chance that you may not makeit. From the perspective of a freshman, the world of high school sports isstartling and at times overwhelming. Not only are you being forced to competewith athletes perhaps even four years older than you, but you have no idea howon earth to impress your future coaches. Captains and starters of the teamappear to be completely in charge and achieve perfection in everything they do.However, in actuality, this really isn’t the case. Everyone, no matter whatsport they’re trying out for or what grade they are in, are judged by one thingonly; their skills. In this sense, freshman and upperclassmen are deemed equal.Therefore, tryouts really aren’t as intimidating as they may appear to be.Although the veterans, or returning players, may not show it; their fears runhigh too.

Asan athlete, you go from playing in a recreational team to being thrust into theworld of high school. It’s difficult and challenging; but in the end thereisn’t anything more rewarding then to have a jersey with your number on it. Nomatter how exceptional you may be at a sport; the week of tryouts is stillnerve-wracking and terrifying. For some, it will be a week of tears sparkedfrom rejection. On the other hand, for many more of the amazing athletes atCCA, it will be a week of triumph at its greatest degree.

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