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That Darn Senioritis | Kayla Fung

That Darn Senioritis

by: Kayla Fung

Let’s be real here, if you’re currently a senior and about to wrap up your last fall semester at CCA, senioritis is starting to hit you and it’s hitting hard. The college hype intensifies as the acceptance letters begin rolling in and all your mind can focus on is the future. You’re imagining your soon-to-be college campus, worrying about a handful of logistics, and subconsciously pre-decorating your dorm. As you get caught up in the glitz and glamour of this new chapter of your life, it seems that the present pales in comparison. What is Aeries? What even are finals? Do my grades even matter anymore. Is attendance reallllyyy necessary?

Now before you think that I’m endorsing senioritis, let me set the record straight. Although we’re all guilty of succumbing to this strange but seemingly unavoidable phenomenon, we need to get a hold of ourselves. Although we’ve been accepted to colleges and feel safe and guaranteed in those acceptances, let’s not forget that all acceptances are conditional. Yes, I said it, conditional. The schools we have gotten into are accepting us with the assumption that as students we will complete our high school careers with the same motivation and perseverance as the previous three years of our lives. Offers can be rescinded and opportunities can be lost if we mess around or slack off too much, so we have to hold senioritis at bay, to the best of our abilities.

So, I propose a compromise. It’s okay to relish in the fact that we as seniors can begin to take it easy and allow ourselves more down time as the final stretch approaches. Yes, it’s fine to spend more time in your socials circles and to collect the maximum face to face time with friends before you’re all shipped off across the country to your respective colleges. While it’s okay to begin to let loose, just keep in mind that yes, your grades do still matter. Your performance as a student is still being monitored by admissions teams. Even without this reason, we owe it to ourselves to work at our fullest potential and really go out with a bang.

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