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The Best Album of All Time | Elliot Cohen

The Best Album of All Time

by Elliot Cohen

Kanye West, a grammy winning artist, unveiled his newest album “The Life of Pablo” in early February 2016. Kanye had an interesting way of presenting his newest album to the mass media. According the the New York Times, he tweeted “so happy to be finished with the best album of all time.” Even Though this album is proclaimed as a possible hit, it is nowhere near to being finished. It is actually so uncompleted that he had trouble deciding what the name would be days prior to its release. This is Mr. West’s seventh album, and along with his claim of excellence for the album are the array of high profile guest artists. Just a few of them are Chance the Rapper, Rihanna, and Kendrick Lamar.

Kanye’s album is riddled with self loving lyrics. One of the songs in the album is even called “ I Love Kanye”. He recounts the different styles of Kanye. Of course there is the good Kanye and the bad one, but there is also the bad-mood Kanye and the pink polo one. This repetition files out the rest of the song. Not only is Kanye hyping himself up but he is also taking credit for other’s success. He took credit for Taylor Swift career and success. Kanye quotes on Twitter and in his songs that “he made that b**** famous”.

So far the sales of the new album have not been up to expectation. He has already lost 10 million on his flop release. Granted, the release was not full blown because the album itself is still a work in progress. The biggest reason the album isn’t as popular as it should be is because, at the moment, the only way to buy the album is by streaming it through Tidal. Tidal is a subscription based streaming company. So, the only way to get the album is to buy an entire membership to Tidal. Tidal claims to give artists the highest amount of royalties because of how expensive it is. This might be why kanye decided to promote his album through Tidal, but it might also be because Tidal is owned by Kanye’s long time friend, Jay-Z.

Besides Tidal the only other way to get the album is by pirating it online. Even Though this is illegal it has been a very popular method of listening to the newest Kanye beats. Hopefully Kanye finishes his album soon and releases it in a cheaper platform for the public.

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