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The Madres | Ben Monks

The Madres

by Ben Monks

We all knew that this season was going to be hard for the Padres. Nobody was expecting anything from them this year. There were no hopes of a surprise playoff berth or even getting close to the playoffs.  Nobody was expecting it to be this bad. The Padres are having a historically bad season this year. They are the first team ever to go 0-3 and get shutout in the first three games, and to get shutout in 5 of the first 10 games. The Padres have batters in their lineup that should be able to hit like Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, and Corey Spangenberg. Outside of Coors Field in Colorado, were the Padres have played well this year, the Padres batting average is .095. The pitching staff this year hasn’t done any better than the batters this season, they have a combined 5.13 earned run average.

There doesn’t seem to be much hope for the future of the Padres either. They have one of the worst farm systems in the MLB. This is supposed to be a rebuilding season for the Padres, but what are you rebuilding for if you don’t have any future stars in the Minors. Thanks to General Manager AJ Preller’s crazy dealing the Padres farm system is completely drained of any star talent. Evidence that the real problem for the Padres is AJ Preller himself and for the team to succeed he must be removed as asap as possible. It seems that it might be time for AJ Preller to take drastic measures to try and fix what he has destroyed. In a last effort to save his job Preller is going to need to be extremely active at the trade deadline. Trading almost all of the talented veterans on the roster for some good young players. If Preller fails to do this then it is time for him to go.  

There are only two things for Padres fans to be excited about this season. The first one is that for the first time the all star will be held at Petco Park. The second is that the Padres have a lot of high round draft picks so they can get some future stars to hopefully make that farm system a little bit stronger. Hopefully those two things will be enough to help Padres fans through this unbearable season. In other words, the Olympics are this summer.  


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