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The Noteworthy Orchestra

Due to the fact that Canyon CrestAcademy is a school based off of the arts and the amazing talent its studentspossess, it’s no surprise that our Orchestra is phenomenal. The Orchestra hashad two performances this week, one on Tuesday, March 20th and  a Jazz/Choir concert on Thursday, March 22.

Orchestra, which is part of the Envision program at CCA, requires itsstudents to play a string instrument. On top of daily practices, these talentedstudents must play in clinics, concerts, and classes with Envision artists. Asyou pass by the lower quad near the administration office, the sweet melodiesechoing form the band room can be heard by all who pass by. With a recentvictory, the Canyon Crest Orchestra was high in spirits and ready todemonstrate their incredible abilities.

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However, an underlying question popsup from this topic. Why is it that most of us don’t know about these concerts?We claim to be a school with a foundation around the arts, however I canshamefully admit that I’ve never even been to a single concert, play, or artshow. I’m sure that I’m not the only student too. While the bulletin (rarely)advertises the concerts, the only regular attendants are parents and otherfamily members. With the dedication that all music students put into theircraft, I can only imagine what an empty theater would feel like. On the other hand,there are rarely attendees at sports games too. Whether you are an athlete,artist, or musician, Canyon Crest claims to offer us all equal options; butwithout people at events or games, it’s hard to feel proud of all the time andeffort you put into your skill. Although ASB desperately tries to rally theschool to go to these events, it’s rare that the whole school gathers togetherunless they are forced to due to the pep rallies. Even though not everyone has thesame interests, there has to be a connecting link that can draw people toevents that take tremendous time and effort, such as the concerts that wereheld this week.

To all of the amazingly talentedmusicians at Canyon Crest, it really is a shame that we cannot seem to cometogether as a school to watch them exhibit their skills. However, this doesn’tmean that we cannot in the future.

by Avery Naughton

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