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The Rise of the Selfie Stick | Ronnie Simon

Being part of this generation, we put up with some crazy new technology devices. These things span from the very useful iPhone to crazy things such as hologram keyboards. Many of these things are extremely useful and are used for many different reasons, but there are some new technology devices that may only turn you against the new technology craze. One of these devices is called the “Selfie Stick”, and its use may just want to make you take a trip to Mars. It is a long metal pole that you can connect your smartphone to just to get the perfect selfie.

On May 19th, 2014, the word selfie was added to the dictionary. A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. So to amplify one’s “selfie” companies such as RadioShack and CamKix have created metal sticks that you can connect your phone to, in order to take a selfie worth posting on social media. Because you cannot get a wide range of things with the length of your arm, companies decided to create a device to get all the surroundings and people in the background of a selfie.

Since there is a high demand in America for smartphones, and other handheld computers, businesses thought that they could make a profit on accessories for these devices and they were right. Companies have gotten millions from accessories such as the selfie stick, and these things become extremely popular once one person has it. When that one person approves then the next group want that and it just grows to a mass production of that certain product. So, since people have seen the selfie stick as a “cool” device they want, it is then categorized as a necessity for millions of consumers.

People all around the world have this selfie stick and have gotten pretty creative with it. Due to the fact that mobility is not a problem when having this device, taking videos and photos while moving and doing difficult activities is possible using this device. Selfie sticks may have originated within the extreme sports community. But an Instagram search for “#selfiestick” doesn’t turn up pictures of people enjoying the outdoors, clutching a metal stick with their GoPro attached to it. Instead, you’ll see images of hordes of young people posing for group photos. The primary appeal of the selfie stick seems to be its ability to fit more people into the frame.

This trend of using a selfie stick has grown so much that just a quick search on Amazon will come up with hundreds of results spanning from $7.99-$79.99. These metal sticks typically have an adjustable metal strap on one end and a handle on the other. They fit most smart phones and some even hold GoPros.

People wonder how far this trend will go. There is no telling what will come of the future of auto-photography, but there are some logistical issues to come of these devices. What happens when we’re all walking around holding 36-inch sticks, staring at own faces in our phones’ reverse cameras? Selfie naysayers will argue that selfie sticks are an indication that society has reached peak narcissism. But selfie sticks might just be a way for retailers to cash in on another viral trend.


Ronnie Simon is a Staff Writer for Pulse Magazine.


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