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The Scheme of Canyon Crest Academy | Angela Zhang

The Scheme of Canyon Crest Academy

By Angela Zhang

Serene and resolved.

It’s 8:23 in the morning, trees sway in the wind as a ray of morning sunshine peeks through the gray clouds. Little puddles of rain reflect the shadow of the stair railings. A white statue stands still in the midst of everything. From afar, a red umbrella grabs one’s attention as birds chirp under the lunch tables with a matching crimson color. The smell of fresh grass after the rain produces a sweet aroma in the atmosphere. Welcome to Canyon Crest Academy.

Gray. It is the color of the ground, the color of the skies, the tint of the windows. Suddenly, there is a rush of footsteps, followed by chatters; a few students run over the puddles and step over the concrete ground as they hurry to their classrooms. The railings, with tiny drops of dew under its handle, reflects a tint of the gray clouds before the next downpour arrives. On top of the roof, several crows stand as they enjoy the early morning mist of fresh air. It is 8:36, the drizzle started with a glimpse of the leftover sunshine.

Red. It is the color of the tables, the color of wall decors, the color of the spirit. Red is everywhere on the campus of CCA. It is scattered among a group of students wearing the classic school hoodie. It is the color of spirited posters around campus. It represents to bright side of CCA’s culture. Students here are fierce, brave, and persistent, always challenging themselves to new arduous topics; they give in the most effort on all the events they participate in school. The common culture is all shared within every member of CCA.

Green. The smell of fresh cut grass, the leaves of the silver maple trees. They are the companions of the students everyday as they step onto this campus and begin their learning journey. A slight breeze passes by, followed by the rain, and the unexpected hail. Little ice cubes land on the balcony of the second floor in the D building, making crisp sounds as each one bounces off the ground. Students rush outside as they are mesmerized by the scene that never occurs in sunny San Diego. The hail gradually melts in the puddles. The leaves seem greener, after the wash by the rain.

Blue. The color of the sky after the storm, the color of the chemical solutions in the lab, the color of Mr. Knutsson’s soccer jersey as he passes down the quad, and the color of the recycling bins scattered around campus.

Yellow. The highlights of the leaves in the middle of the quad, the color of the pencils on the desk, the color of Hector’s golf cart parked right next to the B building. It is also the color of the heart, that all the students share. Wellness, being one of the most important part of the CCA culture, plays an important role in every member of the campus. On certain days, it is the color of the students’ clothing, shoes, bracelets, or ribbons hanging around campus. Because deep within all these people, there is always a heart there to support each other.

Gray, red, green, blue, and yellow. The colors of the acrylic paints in Mr. Frazier’s classroom, the colors of the artworks hanging beside the media center, the colors of the dancers’ costumes on a show day, the colors of Mr. Black’s stool. The colors, representing the diversity of CCA’s unique culture, gives the school and every part of it a purpose, and a meaning. Whether it is the arts, the sports, or the academics, there is always an extraordinary part about CCA that no other school shares.

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