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The World of Yerba Mates | Aimee Han

There is something so radiant and exuberant about taking sips of this caffeinated, euphoric, and sweet tea. As many of you may be aware, those who drink Yerba Mates may have a slight ounce of a superiority complex; yet it is very arguable that they have every right to breathe with such confidence and presence. Flavors ranging from Lemon Elation, Orange Exuberance, Tropical Uprising, Enlighten Mint, Revel Berry, and Bluephoria (everyone’s personal favorite) allow one’s tastes buds to dance and come to life with the infusion of high energy and spirit from the deep depths of Yerba Mate culture. From one fanatic to another, Yerba Mates have been more than a caffeinated substitute for my iced coffee addiction, as they have energized me to take on the many challenges that life may throw at me (in the form of lemons). But to those who have developed an inferiority complex in the past few moments whilst reading such words on their screens, they may have never even tasted the sacred drink, so I, as an emerging Yerba Mate fanatic, will do the honors of exploring the wonderful world of Yerba Mates for your enjoyment.

Deep in the South American Atlantic rainforest, lies the native species of the holly tree, ilex paraguariensis, possessing emerald green caffeinated leaves. Such leaves are hand-harvested by yerbateros, otherwise known as cultivators, from indigenous communities and small farms in Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. Once the leaves are dried and ground, the yerbateros fill a gourd with the mate leaves and hot water, and the liquid is filtered with a bombilla, or metal straw. As the magical tea comes to life, it is ready to be savored, preferred to be shared among friends who take sips and pass the drink along, spreading positive energy.

But to those of you currently questioning my sanity (a favorite pastime of mine), Yerba Mates can possess such rich flavor due to its culture surrounding the mythical goddess of mate, Yari, who is also a coveted symbol of friendship. Hence, the strength of this tradition, combined with the awakening of the mind, not only supports a more balanced lifestyle but also strengthens a vibrant community around the world.

And on the more scientific side, such a high-energy infusion possesses 24 vitamins and minerals and 15 amino acids, meaning its 150 milligrams of caffeine contains the healthy benefits of tea, packs a punch like coffee, and also promotes the euphoria of various flavors in 458 milliliters of tea.

So next time you spot the sight of this bright yellow can with pops of color ranging from sapphire blue to light pink, allow your aura and energy to feel attracted and purchase the sacred drink. This non-carbonated, slightly chilled, euphoric tea from Guayaki. Allow yourself to develop a slight superiority complex and immaculate presence by carrying this recyclable can in the halls of passing period, in fields of wildflowers, or even in a zooming car with the wistful breeze brushing through the windows.

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