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Too many options!

By Brian Chekal

The rolling murmur of the crowd eased into silence as the presentation began. The counselors began their talk with the routine, students already accustomed to the act began to quietly doze off as the all-knowing counselors outlined course selection. It was only until the words “what’s going to be different next year” came up that they began to actually pay attention. Students began to quietly murmur amongst themselves when the new changes were announced, already curious to see if their friends were willing to go out on a limb and take some of the new classes with them. With upcoming rule changes as well as a whole host of new courses, next year promises to be one in sync with the CCA code of creativity and uniqueness.

So what exactly can you expect these changes to do? What are they and how do they affect me? According to the counseling department, it all boils down to this, all students, regardless of class and schedules will not be able to switch their electives. In essence, this literally means, you get what you signed up for, nothing more and nothing (well maybe…) less. However, under certain conditions,  such level changes or period conflicts, students may be allowed, even forced, to alter their schedules, if a class lacks enough members to be effective it may not be offered, or a level change to and from an honors class may be permitted.  As many upperclassmen can attest to, schedule changes are already near impossible, as it not only places considerable burdens on the student with the addition of missed homework assignments/lessons, but also in havoc. A student change out or in might make a class’s population too high or too low and counselors are hesitant to say the least, knowing that any change made on a whim results in millions of headaches for both them and the student. In short, these changes to the elective system go beyond the current restrictions, placing a rule to be cited in defense of the status quo. Though one of the bigger changes, electives are not alone, a variety of new courses will be offered this following year.

Of the new courses being offered next year, a large portion will be in the math department. Mr.Shay, a well-known and popular figure on campus has championed a new class called Discrete Mathematics, a course that is designed to apply some of the higher principles of math taught in schools to situations one might face in life, dabbling in statistics as well. However, many of the academic electives students seek after here at CCA are in need of early applicants. Discrete Mathematics will be a part of a certain group of classes that require a predetermined amount of students to even exist, a collection that also includes Surf PE and AP Art History. It has always been recommended to turn in course selections early, in order to avoid missing any deadlines or missing documents, but it becomes essential for classes like these. If you’re interested in a class, put it down, because you might want to take it later in your high school career and find out that the classes did not meet their student quotas and will not be offered that year.

It is always a hectic and mad rush to fill out all required forms on paper and on Aeries when it comes to course selections. However, it’s always underlined with a sense of accomplishment and excitement, choosing classes with friends and family, knowing that the next year is already so close. This year’s course selection promises to be even more so, with its new offerings in place. Remember, choose wisely!

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