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Trump vs Hillary | Elliot Cohen

Trump vs Hillary

by Elliot Cohen

Donald Trump has been given the red carpet towards the Republican nomination. With Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropping their campaigns there are no real contenders left. He is far in the lead with 1,053 delegate nominations. With 514 delegates left in the Republican nomination there isn’t much time for another candidate to come back. His low amount of delegates is due to Cruz and Kasich taking many of the available nominations at the moment.

With Hillary Clinton easily winning a majority of the superdelegates and slightly beating Bernie Sanders with regular delegates it is looking closer and closer to a Clinton and Trump face off. Clinton has forged her way through the primary by getting the current government in place’s support. Super delegates are preselected delegates that can choose which candidate, within their party, they want to support. In the contrary, regular delegates are those who represent what the general population of that state’s views are based off the results of the caucuses and primaries. There are a lot more regular delegates than superdelegates because the population’s vote matters more for each party’s representative in the general election.   

Neither candidate have really done a great job attracting the younger voting crowd. It is Bernie Sanders who has stormed the vast plains of social media in order to get friction from the younger population. Who will sweep up the yourned voter’s bid for the nomination if the two favorites do end up facing off? There has already been a lot of friction between the two contenders and their supports. The amount of violence at protests have been absurd. It is being given both ways as well. Even though Trump supports the violence against protesters, Hilary supports have been giving the most violence in the recent past.

With the uptake in protest against one another it is not going to be a pretty election no matter who wins. Since they are such conflicting candidates their supporters have completely different ideals for the future of United States politics. Who ever does end up winning the election will have a lot of conflicting citizens since those supporters won’t be easily swayed.

Here at CCA, most seniors will be able to vote in the presidential election for their first time. It is a scary thought that we, young 18 year olds, will have the power to select the most powerful leader in the world. Whichever candidate does end up getting the younger population of votes will have a major advantage in the presidential election.

I have no idea who I will vote for, since I will be eligible in November. I am very split between the two candidates, and actually hope that Bernie Sanders comes from behind in the primaries to take the Democratic nominations. I consider myself an Independent so that might show how split I am even more so. Either way I believe that America as a nation has strong enough people that no matter who the leader of the nation is we will still be a world power and keep up our high standard of living.


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