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Turnout Tuesday | Kaylynn O’Curran

Turnout Tuesday

by: Kaylynn O’Curran

Today, Tuesday, October 9th, is Turnout Tuesday. With its catchy ring, this day is devoted to getting students on our campus to get out and register to vote. There are going to be numerous students with shirts and stickers dedicated to get people to register. The QR codes seen on them guide students to a website where they can register or pre-register.

It is a very simple process to get registered (if you’re 18 or older) and pre-registered (if you’re 16 or older). It takes about 5 minutes and all you need is your social security and license numbers.

Voter registration is essential to our generation, as it is historically known for low voter turnout. According to the Government Census, a meager 38% of those ages 18 to 29 voted in 2012 compared to the 69% of those 65 and older that voted. With the older generation guiding the polls, there is a lack of our voice, which usually differs from those older than us. The Director of Circle, an organization devoted to civic youth, Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg, states, “In 2016, young voters were a substantial voting bloc and they influenced the outcome.” This is evidence that our vote truly does matter.

No matter your party or ideals, your voice as an American deserves and needs to be heard. With the challenging schedule at CCA, there is only so much we have time to do, but voting is a sure way to contribute to change. There is a common stigma that students should not be voting as they don’t truly understand what they are voting for, or aren’t educated enough. I would personally strongly disagree with this. I would challenge them, saying that many of us are in Government class right now learning about what makes our government what it is. I would also say there are many things we go through that the older generation does not understand, and because of this we should be the ones voting on those matters. We have a lot more power and brains than some give us credit for.

That is why some clubs on our campus, Team Enough and No Place For Hate, are collaborating with March For Our Lives to get our campus registered for the upcoming election (November 6th) and our next presidential election. No Place For Hate club is also having a voter registration booth on campus October 18th during lunch. This is another opportunity to get your vote on! It is up to you and only you to make your voice be heard.

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