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Upcoming March For Our Lives | Ali Youel

Upcoming March For Our Lives

by Ali Youel

As many of you may be aware, this Saturday is the March For Our Lives, a march that is taking place all over the world to bring awareness to gun violence and demand change. On Saturday, March 24th, thousands are expected to meet at Waterfront Park in downtown San Diego, pressing for a change and an end to school shootings. Here is what you need to know about the march, tips for making signs, and more.

The event is taking place this Saturday, March 24th, 2018, at Waterfront Park (Waterfront Park, 1600 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA 92101) and starts at 10 am. The actual march is supposed to start at 11, with speakers and performers until then. There are over 800 marches taking place worldwide, taking action to end gun violence. These marches are the movement of our generation, and those who participate will be making history.

Many participants will be carrying signs and posters as well. There are many mediums to make your posters: such as cheaper poster board, and more expensive, but less flimsy, foam board. You can also use fun supplies to make your sign unique and fun. Glitter and fun colors will make your poster stand out and it will be even more fun to decorate! Some ideas to decorate your signs are:

  1. We will not be silenced!

  2. Books not Bullets

  3. We call BS!

  4. Enough is Enough

  5. Never Again

  6. Protect Children, Not Guns

  7. Disarm Hate

  8. Power to the People

  9. Thoughts and Prayers are NOT enough

You can also deck yourself out in DIY gear. You can get white T-shirts at Target, Michaels, and many other places. Many of those places also sell fabric markers, so you can customize the shirts with slogans and pictures. There is also transfer paper, where you can iron printed images onto shirts. You can buy this paper at Amazon and craft stores such as Michaels.

Some ride services are offering free rides to the march in order to support those marching against gun violence. In response to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Lyft is offering free rides to anti-gun rallies across the country. You can also take the train or many other forms of public sentences down to Waterfront Park. 


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