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What’s in Store for 2022? | Sofia Ung

Disclaimer: These predictions are purely speculation.

The pop culture world has been buzzing lately from divorces to engagements to drama. Here are some predictions about more “tea” in 2022.

1. Pete Davidson Leaves SNL

Pete joined SNL in 2014 at 20 years old, becoming one of the main faces of the weekend show. You may know him for famously dating Ariana Grande and, most recently, Kim Kardashian. But after being on the show for more than seven years, Pete has told sources that he is thinking about leaving the show to head towards the movie industry and further his acting career. In May of 2021, he told Hollywood Reporter that he is “ready to hang up the jersey.” He often hints at leaving on live TV, but also mentions that “everything is really up in the air.” Being an essential part of the show, if he leaves, I know many of us will be very upset.

2. Olivia Rodrigo will Drop a New Album Sweet

You may know her from “Driver’s License” or the drama with ex-boyfriend Joshua Bassett, but Olivia’s record-breaking album, Sour, might have a sequel. Rodrigo has planted some easter eggs that suggest a follow-up album called Sweet. Sour was an album journeying through Olivia’s heartbreak and the seven stages of grief. Sweet, however, is supposed to convey “sweeter” emotions. Olivia has teased so many love songs over the past year that fans speculate an album is on its way. Sour is a very short album, barely over 30 minutes, making fans wonder if there are more stories to tell. Another clue that points to this possibility is during the release of Sour, Olivia collaborated with Sour Patch Kids and printed on every box was "Sour then Sweet.” Taking after her mentor Taylor Swift, there might be something sweet coming our way.

3. Harry Styles gets Canceled

Most celebrities have at least one small scandal or get canceled at least one time, it’s just a simple fact. Cancel culture is almost a trend and it’s always trying to find its next victim. Styles’ popularity has become massive, gaining respect from the LGBTQ+ community for breaking male stereotypes and barriers. Styles seems to be friends with everybody and living the most unproblematic life, but the former One Direction member might have some hidden scandal waiting to resurface this year. I guess we'll just have to see.

4. Emma Chamberlain is going to permanently quit youtube

Emma’s growth as a Youtuber started at age 16 when she posted a viral video. Since then, she boasts 11.2 million subscribers on Youtube and 15.1 followers on Instagram. She most recently attended The Met Gala and has her own coffee brand. Emma has hinted at the toxic environment that a huge creator faces on a constant basis. She doesn’t like the LA lifestyle and constantly tries to find ways to leave. Emma has gone on multiple podcasts and suggested on a couple of her Instagram posts that she has taken time away for her mental health. Her content has also shifted and maybe is a segway into officially ending her time on Youtube.

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