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What’s the Deal With Antonio Brown? | Dominic Stearn

One of the biggest storylines heading into the NFL offseason is where the Steelers will trade superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown. It was very clear following the week 17 conflict between Antonio and the Steelers that Antonio Brown’s tenure in Pittsburgh was coming to an end. In week leading up to the season finale, Brown skipped a couple practices, and didn’t play in the game on Sunday. The Steelers covered up the situation by telling the media he was hurt, and the truth wasn’t released until after the Steelers won, but missed the playoffs.

During the playoffs, Brown came out and declared that he no longer wanted to play for the Steelers. This lead to a huge showcase of Antonio displaying his inner diva. He went on talk about all of his teammates and how they were terrible leaders, locker room cancers, and bad people. This caused a media frenzy, where former Steelers players were giving their opinions on Brown and what he was saying. The Steelers finally came out after they were bashed by the public and said they plan to trade Antonio Brown this offseason.

It was announced this past Saturday night that Antonio Brown would be traded to the Oakland Raiders for 3rd and 5th round pick. This was a great pick up for the Raiders, as they are getting one of the most productive WRs in the NFL. In each of the past six seasons, he has totaled 1,200 yards, and in four out of the last six seasons he has hauled in ten touchdowns or more. It is truly amazing that the Raiders were able to get such a talented receiver for such a low price. The Raiders now have a #1 WR, and plenty of draft capital to build around Brown.

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