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Who Should You Expect on Top at the End of This NFL Season? | Jaden Hunter

This NFL season has been nothing short of exciting. There have been plenty of amazing teams contending all year long, such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Green Bay Packers. But can these teams finish off strong and win it all?

Before we talk about who could come away with the prized Superbowl this year, let’s discuss what type of protocol the NFL has gone through. With the terrifying pandemic COVID-19 going on, the NFL has still been in play for 15 weeks now. So far COVID has hit the NFL pretty hard, delaying games and taking players away from the game for weeks. Back to who will come away on top, this season has so many teams who could contend that there isn’t really a clear front runner. Let’s start with the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. Led by Patrick Mahomes, this team doesn’t lack at any single position. Patrick Mahomes is the 2018 NFL MVP, 2019-2020 Super Bowl MVP, and potentially the greatest player in the National Football League. At Running Back, they have rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire starting and Le’Veon Bell at second. They have a top five wide receiver named Tyreek Hill and top 2 tight end in Travis Kelce, not to mention their top tier defense. As stated, the Chiefs don’t truly lack in any position. There would be no surprise if the Chiefs repeat, they are sitting nicely at 12-1 as of now. Next is the Pittsburgh Steelers, the previously last standing undefeated team. The 11-2 Steelers have just lost back to back weeks, one to a poor team and the other to a solid team. They are deemed as one of the most overrated teams, but they don’t lack in talent either. They have a veteran quarterback by the name of Ben Roethlisberger, as well as a solid running back, James Conner. They have some streaky wide receivers who tend to drop a good amount of passes, but they have several breakout games. The Steelers defense is typically nothing shy of spectacular. Will this team’s poor finish to the regular season cost them their Superbowl chances, we will have to see. The third and final team I will be discussing is the Green Bay Packers. The 10-3 Green Bay Packers are very high on my list of contenders due to their top QB-WR duo. Aaron Rodgers, a top QB of all time, and Davante Adams who is a top WR in the NFL, have played spectacular all year. Not to mention they have one of the best running backs in the league, Aaron Jones. The only thing holding them back could be their defense. Not that the defense is among the worst in the league, it just isn’t among their top offense. The Packers are leading the NFC at the moment, and their quarterback may come home with the Most Valuable Player trophy, along with the Superbowl. All three of these phenomenal teams have shown their talent in the regular season, but who will be proven the best in the playoffs?

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