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Q: How do you join? 


1. Complete the Intro to Journalism class, which will give you the relevant hands on experience required to be a staff member. 

2. Take the Advanced Journalism class and then you're automatically on staff!

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Q: What if I am a member of a school club or organization and I want to have my art, interactive experience, etc featured on the website?


Email the editors at to potentially get your club's creation on our website!

Q: How do you get your club or school organization featured in the newspaper? 


Same process when it comes to getting featured on the website. 

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Q: Where do I need to go to get a copy of the newspaper?


There are three ways to get a copy! Oftentimes, the newspaper will be distributed to your classroom, so you can look for it there. Or you could just go in front of Mrs. Myers's room in F202, and there will be a stand full of them. We also have an online copy on Issuu that you can find on the In-Print Issues page here

Q: Is the Intro to Journalism class involved with the newspaper in any capacity?


Of course! Intro to Journalism is all about preparing students for a role in the newspaper. There will be several chances to contribute, and some Intro students end up with their article featured in the newspaper.

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Q: How do I make sure not to miss an issue of the Raven Review? 


Follow the Raven Review on Instagram, where there will be announcements regarding the next issue!  

Q: Is Period 1 the only time that the Journalism class takes place? 


Yes, both Intro and Advanced Journalism class is only for Period 1, which makes it easier to organize and structure the newspaper versus having it during several periods. 

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Want to be featured in The Raven Review Newspaper?

Want to have your artwork, comic strip, or poem featured in the Raven Review? Send your submissions to for a chance to appear in CCA’s premier student-run newspaper!


P.S. This looks really good on College Apps ;)

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