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The interactive section of the website is dedicated to games, the digital crossword, and club related interactive activities over time. Click on the buttons below to access the interactives! 

Digital Crossword

Solve the Digital Crossword, which was proudly made with Crossword Labs, by reading through the newspaper to solve the clues! Updated and repayable for each issue! The archives with all of the old puzzles can be found here!

The Last Dance 
May, 2024

Caption Contest

For our February issue, we are presenting this cartoon in need of a caption. You may submit your caption using the Google Form link, available on Instagram and on our website. As a staff, we will choose three finalists. You can find the winners of the caption contest below. 

Screenshot 2024-01-26 9.45.08 AM.png


"I checked with management, and they say we're not allowed to give you the whole cow" - Kimia Mostowfi (11)

"Welcome to California," Caleb Liu (12)

"I know we said our milkshakes are out of this world, but you still need to pay with local currency," Amanda Smith (Staff)

As Seen On RR...

These activities are printed on the issues of the Raven Review and are the online versions of it. This way you can access some of the fun parts of the newspaper without having to pick up a copy of it.  

Valentine's Day Cutouts

February, 2024

These are Valentines Day Cutouts that feature Western cats! Perfect to give to a friend or special someone on Valentines Day! They were designed by Bella Posel.

How to use: 
1. Click the PDF link down below to download them.
2. Print out your own copies of the Valentines.
3. Cut out.
4. Write messages and give them to your loved ones!


Crossword Crest Academy

February, 2024

This is the exact crossword that appeared on the February, 2024 issue of the Raven Review. It was written by Carrie Krummen.

How to use: 
1. Click the PDF link down below to download.
2. Either do it digitally by drawing on the PDF by going into files (or just use Kami, whatever is easier) and pressing the draw button or print it out. 
3. Fill in and enjoy!

Extra Challenge: Time yourself while doing it for a fun challenge!


Here you can find fun course selection and personality test quizzes that can help you get connected with the newspaper, student body, and school! All of the quizzes are below!

Which CCA English Class Should You Take?

This quiz will show you which English classes would be a good fit for you! This includes our Journalism and Advanced Journalism classes! Proudly made with Typeform.

Which Cake Are You?

This quiz will show you which cake would be a good fit for you! Proudly made with Typeform.

P.S. There is a secret cake that only one type of personality can get! 

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